Unforgettable Sweet Roll

jeffrey Schrock Bread Box Chewelah 2018

Scandinavians like me LOVE our sweet rolls.  I’ve looked far and wide for the perfect sticky bun and finally found it.

It’s shaped like a ten-inch round pie.  There’s a rich deep bronze topping cluttered with just the right amount of half-sized walnut pies placed over half-inch pastry.

Would it taste as good as it looked?  Indeed, the texture of the base qualified it as having the smoothest savory.  Soft, but sturdy, with a subtle bread flavor, enhanced by the buttery caramel sauce, a little sticky, maybe slightly gooey, the walnuts spaced and so flavorful in their own right over the top.

The discovery came at the Colville Farmer’s Market on a recent Saturday morning at the Bread Box vendor.  “To find us,” said Jeffery Shrock who owns the store with his wife Carolyn, “Go right at the only stop light.  We’re just over the tracks on your left.”

A few days later, I had a chance to travel to the Bread Box enroute to Spokane and discovered a wide assortment of baked treasures: cookies of many varieties, breads, and other Danish pastries in this little cottage store that has an old-world atmosphere.

Several of his Mennonite friends help out.  In the summer, the ladies are a delight to behold in their long, fresh-looking fabric long dresses and dainty white caps as they assist customers.

Later, I went back for more only to discover I’d arrived too late in the day.  Store hours are Wednesday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.Best Sweet Roll Bread Box Chewelah 2018 Want to try a slice?




A Feast of Smells and Foods

Suzi at Farmers Market

Suzi Budinger and her little wagon show a tiny bit of the bounty available at a recent Farmers Market at a Puyallup park.  These markets are many, vary in size and number of items offered.

Puyallup so far in my travels is Queen of them all.  The number of vendors are so numerous that there are two restrooms.

Suzi and a friend have a plan this summer to go to a different one each week.  “We’re heading next to Olympia,” said Suzi, “Where there is one a day each week.

“The first market we visited, we came away with so many heavy tote bags, we knew we had to find a better way to carry home our treasures.”  Her wagon folds up to fit nicely in any vehicle.

The floral bouquet, note the one in her wagon, was created on site by the Japanese growers.  It was fascinating to watch both the man and his wife pluck and form several.  So many from which to chose, all perfect in shape and color, beautiful and unique.

The market featured a grilled-cheese sandwich vendor.  His special that day was one made and grilled with cheese and raspberry sauce.  Sumptuous, it was devoured with glee.

A mushroom farmer offered several varieties and explained how to place spores in the ground this coming fall as if you were making a lasagna.

Only item missing: Iowa sweetcorn.  Nothing is imported so that’s not possible.  Only a vague memory.




On the Right Path?

Hand held radios

How do you know when you are on the right path?  in other words, how do you feel when you are doing the work your soul was sent to do on earth?

Gary Zukav in his book The Seat of the Soul has the best answer I’ve ever seen:

“When the deepest part of you becomes engaged in what you are doing, when your activities and actions become gratifying and purposeful, when what you do serves both yourself and others, when you do not tire within but seek the sweet satisfaction of your life and your work, you are doing what you were meant to be doing.  The personality that is engaged in the work of its soul is buoyant.  It is not burdened with negativity.  It does not fear.  It experiences purposefulness and meaning,  It delights in its work and and in others.  It is fulfilled and fulfilling. . .”

Mr. Zukav says to look at life as a beautifully well-organized dynamic.  Trust the Universe, which means the circumstances that you are in is working toward your best and most appropriate end.

“There is no when.  There is no if to that either.  It is.  Release your specifications and say to the Universe: ‘Find me where you know I need to be.’  Let go and trust that the Universe will provide, and so it shall.  Let your higher self complete its task.”

He makes it very clear that we eventually evolve beyond Earth’s school, beyond the need for a personality and a body.  That if we know we can trust our intuitions, then we can go further to realize that teachers and guides are available and are waiting for us to request their help.


Stolen by the Nazi’s

Hitler & children
Hitler’s children – stolen or chosen.

Over 300,000 children were stolen by the Nazis in WWII, often right from the street.  It was one of two SS programs in the Lebensborn program of Himmler’s to expand the Aryan race.

Herman Ludeking, 82, lived in five different foster homes during the war and took his case recently to a Cologne German court to demand compensation saying that he was a war victim.  “The Jews, the forced laborers, the Roma people, the homosexuals are all recognized as war victims but we stolen children are not.”

The Lebensborn program was started in l935 to halt the high rate of abortions which happened between the two great wars when a huge portion of European men were killed.  Initially it began with unmarried women giving birth for the Fuhrer in high-class Lebensborn homes throughout Europe.  Lebensborn Secrets  is my story of a courageous French woman sent to one of the first homes near Munich.  It’s based on true tale told to me by a Spokane, WA., woman who married a French man.

About 200,000 were taken from Poland.  After each blond and blue-eyed child was determined that they could be turned into a German, they had to let their name be changed, and to forget their native language and only speak German.  “I remember them measuring me, my head and nose and everything to check that I satisfied their Aryan standards,”

Others were stolen from Austria, Slovenia, Soviet Union or Czechoslovakia.  After Herman retired from being a lab tech, he traveled many miles throughout Poland hoping to find the places where he had lived, seeking to find the identity of his true parents.   “I could have come from a German family because I never could speak Polish.”

Stolen Children Forgotten Victims is the group trying to help Herman’s legal efforts.  The Cologne court rejected his case because German law does not categorize the children as victims of Nazi war crimes.  It was his second attempt for recognition.  “The reason the court gave is that the children were taken for their own good.  It’s the same argument the perpetrators used at the Nuremberg war trials.”

A child born to an unmarried woman in a Lebensborn home during the war spoke up at my first signing in Colville, WA.  “I’m looking for my true parents.  Can you help me?”  Yes,  I told him.  Try the International Tracing Society in Germany.  They can help you.  They have all the records of all the agencies who help war victims.  My contact at American Red Cross headquarters to me, “We’ve never had a Rec Cross Chapter in the U.S. request such information.”  My audience and I were stunned by the sad appearance of a Lebensborn child.

Herman’s last resort in behalf of all Hitler’s children is expected to be at the European Court of Justice.

This blog monitors news about the Lebensborn program.  We’ll hope for better news, too.









My Happy Place

3651 Shady Garden Platform

After the extravaganza garage sale this weekend, this shady garden will be the place to be.

Picture this: a tall gin and tonic with good friends, a few nibbles and chatter about the fun we’re having.

Although this is truly a remote area, there is a fishing derby taking place on the Columbia River not far away. Perhaps a few stray from there will come to see what’s happening.

Lots of surprises for sure!


Yoga at a Park

warrior pose
On a hill beside the beautiful Columbia River, yoga on Tuesdays. 

In the little town of Northport in Eastern Washington, a place close to the Selkirk mountains, peace and tranquility is part of the weekly during yoga class.

A little train whistles as it passes by.  The conductor waves at the students.  Swallows dip and dive along outside the wood pavilion.  Summer breezes waft by with sweet scents.

There’s friendship here, too, along with the common bond of increasing balance and muscle strength for students.  Yoga teacher, Michelle Hancock, shown here, smoothly shepherds her flock.action shot.

Yoga is a joyful way to savor summer.   Come over.  9 a.m. at the Northport Park at the Columbia River.  The first One-River Yoga class is free.  It’s the best health bargain available.  Yoga’s benefits are memorable.

Live Life a Little Less Ordinary

fence with garage sale sign

Come on over to my garage sale July 14-15 weekend.  A girl just wants to have fun (Thanks PhotoPin for this fun pix).  The way I put on a sale, it’s more of an EVENT.

Okay, I have a history of putting on EVENTS: a lovely platoon boat afternoon tea on a river cruise, an art event, where I asked ladies to come as their favorite lady of the night (even hired an actor to serve as butler who announced each one as they arrived), major pr ones like races, blood drives where board members dressed as street performing Santa Classes, as well as massage in the forest or putting on an UNO tournament at a large family gathering.

People in America love garage sales, well maybe not everyone, but those who do delight in finding a treasure.  “We bought a bread maker for five dollars,” Janelle said yesterday, “but it didn’t come with a recipe book so I’ve been trying to figure out how.  The first time, I used too much of everything and dough flew out all over the kitchen.”

If you choose one of the vintage garments, it could breathe new life and bring out your adventurous spirit, especially if you wrap yourself in the exquisite Mexican embroidered blouse.  Or, how about taking home a vintage Casio Keyboard, selling on E-Bay for $80, but here for $50.  It’ll be plugged in so you can make music while you shop.

You could be an absolute knockout in one of the Korean Mink bathrooms.  Or, how about a vintage tapestry to brighten up an outdoor porch.

For those folks who are here as special guests, Gina Tweit, running again for a district court position, or Sherrel Rhosdy who is coming to play with me from Spokane three hours away, they’ll both enjoy a charming lunch on the deck.

If a gal wants to try on an item, she can tell how lovely she’ll look in the mirror in my outdoor cottage up on the little hillside above the covered building where all the garage sale fun is taking place.  Bud was so afraid I’d sell some of his stuff that he’ll be here, too, showing off a little blue tractor with tons of accompanying attachments.  It’s hard to part with a beloved tractor, so I do have to sympathize.  It would be the same if I were selling one of my vacuum cleaners (well, actually I still may).

Although the sale is miles from no-where, folks like to play hooky from life.  This is a lovely place to do it – smack dab in the middle of summer.  It’s a lovely drive from anywhere to 3651 Deep Lake Boundary Rd, north of Colville.

My garage sales have just the “right” stuff. . . bargains – a great place to meet new folks – enjoy the surprises that take place.  Someone might, for example, pick up one of the Playboy magazines for sale and still be laughing over one of the jokes in it as they leave with the copy in their hand.

Don’t be shy.  Make a new rule.  Try out a new you.  Show off your Devil-May-Care attitude by coming to have or to add to the fun.  Jo Ann’s garage sale is the sure ticket.