A Study of Seduction


Cowboy Casanova is finished.   Throughout the story, he stands tall, his legs with a slight bow, a smile that never fails to turn a rotten situation better. As women appear in his life, I studied seduction to understand the secret behind his charisma.

It starts thousands of years ago when power was mainly won by physical violence and maintained by men with their brute strength.

The king or emperor had to be merciless.  Most men followed the king’s example.  I wondered what was a woman to do?  The way the world worked, she had no weapon that would make a man do what she wanted.

However, she learned that if she could lure a man away from war, politics, or in the case of Casanova Cowboy away from his helter-skelter way of life, and IF she could get him to spend time in her world, she could entice him with what she had to offer.

King David, Julius Caesar, Mark Antony all became slaves of clever women like Bathsheba, Helen of Troy, Cleopatra ( in Casanova Cowboy’s life, it is Alexis).  They dazzle with their appearances and lifestyles and tease a man’s imagination.

I discovered that a woman can work on a man’s mind by keeping him wanting more of her elevated moods (such a Stormy with her playful emotions and ideas).  To plan and create enchantment, find ways to get inside their world, to see it with their eyes and in that way learn what makes them tick.

She realizes men are vulnerable to visual, women to words.  Women have the power to draw people with their character, their words, and the ability to stir emotions.  Some men are easier studies than others.

Chiefly, however, most men have one weakness – sex.  This is mainly true except in the case of Casanova Cowboy.  But you have to read his story to underway why that is so.

But, it will be some time before his story can be told.  Another of my novels, that of a French girl during WWII, is being republished under a new title and cover.  Lebensborn Secrets is soon off to the publisher.  There’s a lot of seduction in this story, too, although it’s more a study of Nazi public relations and how they  dazzled and held the world in fear for so many years.





Eyes of Wonder


Once upon a time there was a little boy.  He was clutching the dollar in his little hand in a  dollar store trying to decide which toy to buy.

He spots a pair of lacy wings and asks his mother, “I want these and I want to wear these now.” He was so anxious.

His mother suggests that once they get home it would be a good time for her to attach the wings.

In the car going home, he holds onto them so carefully.  Inside the house his mother fastens them onto his back.  She begins to put away the groceries as he runs into the living room.

She hears his little feet patter to the sofa.  Then a big thud, silence and then sobs as the lad cries with heartbroken sobs, “They didn’t work.”

It dawns on his mother that he really thought he could fly.  There was no doubt in her mind that she’d seen him picturing himself in the dragon wings soaring through the air.

“All I know,” said the mother, “When I collected him in my arms and told him that the wings were pretend and they wouldn’t work, he’d lost a little of childlike wonder for the world.

“There are moments that steal your joy in life, the things that jade the way you perceive the world, making you realize that all things aren’t possible, that you are limited.  I told him that he would be happy again, but I knew that now there was a little chink in his armor, a spot weakened.

“If in that moment I could have made him wings that would fly, I would have made a pair of the best wings hopes and dreams could build.  Yes, he’s only four but I would have done it even it he flew into a power pole, got hurt and I’d end up hearing a doctor say, “Why would you give wings to a four year old?”

This is a true story and one that I hope my son Tony will read to my Grandson David.  I wonder what David will say after he hears what happened to the boy who wanted wings to fly.

What wings are you thinking about wearing today?








Shale Drilled Ethane Goes by Ship




A few years ago when fracking came into the news, economists became enthusiastic about the great potential for the U.S. to ship oil and its by-products to other countries.  It had potential for making the U.S. even greater by providing fuel independence.  We’d be more an exporter instead of importer.

Now, the first ship has arrived in the Houston, TX., Ship Channel.  It will be the first ship to carry ethane from a Gulf Coast terminal.  It’s owner is Enterprise which has a new ethane facility in Texas and is ready to begin shipping..

The extracted by-product, HGL, is in demand for the manufacture of plastics and other products. When fracking made the U.S. natural gas supplies abundant, it also made cheap ethane available.

HGL is made of methane, propane, butane, isobutene, natural gas, refinery olefins and ethane.  There are several petrochemical plants and export facilities in the U.S. being built right now to increase the amounts of ethane extracted from natural gas.

Begin watching for these new ships transporting natural gas and its by-products.  When all the new petrochemical and export plants are working in 2018, it is expected to increase the demand.  Ethane production is expect to increase to 1.5 million barrels a day by the end of next year.





Peak Season Now

Eric Larson Tells All

They didn’t predict the deadliest one in gulf of Texas.

Fatal mistakes by the weather bureau’s central administration who never wanted to use the word “extreme,” or to consider any storm information out of Cuba, led to the worst hurricane in U.S. history Sept. 8, 1900 in Galveston, TX.

August starts the peak hurricane season, a period that runs from June l to Nov. 30th. I pay particular attention to Florida storms.  Two of my sons live on opposite coasts.  Experts report (NOAA being tops for their predications) there may be “slightly” more than coming on land than last year.

Eric Larson, the author of Beasts in the  Garden, the WWII non-fiction about the U.S. ambassador to Germany at the beginning of Hitler’s rise to power, has tackled telling the tale of this incredible hurricane which hit the gulf of Texas.  His main character, Isaac Cline, the resident meteorologist, fails to predict the power of the strange deep sea swells and peculiar winds that morning.

Although he tries to warn the townspeople when he finally realizes what is going to happen, hours later Galveston is submerged, the town destroyed , washed away, the great wall they thought would hold, crumbled.  Six thousand dead are killed and their bodies rise up through the debris, even months later.

The town two years later builds a great wall 17′ above the beach, standing behind granite boulders 27′ wide in width.  Other hurricanes come: 1915, 1949, 1983. Carla in 1961 caused mass evacuation of a quarter million from Galveston and the surrounds lowlands.

In Larson’s story of l900, based upon survivor’s information, relates emotions of several relationships and how they built just like hurricanes, especially like those between the two brother  meteorologists.

It appears to me, a person who has lived in cellars during tornado season in Iowa, and now through the fire seasons in Washington state, the folks who live with hurricanes might be the people facing Mother Nature’s the most horrifying weather.










Special Attribute of a Cowboy

Red Cowboy Boots

I love cowboys. A pair like these red boots have been invited to one of their special events.

Miles away from the Lazy Bee ranch next week on a Thursday night, I’ll be wearing my red cowboy boots to a gathering of cowboys on an island.

Last year these guys decided it would be okay to invite their special gal.  I’d heard a grand report and it sounded so much fun that I should consider going.

So, I’m off with my black Stetson cowboy hat and a pair of red boots to see first hand what this is all about.

Every cowboy I’ve known has a unique brand.  They love nature, animals, especially horses, classic country music, camp fires and hearty food like steak.

Their best attribute is the darling way they have of treating a woman.  To them, she’s a queen, and should be handled gently as a young Arab colt.

Just like wearing red cowboy boots has always made me feel.  It’s just for their opening dinner, of course, because cowboys have a very special bond when they come together and they want no women around.

It’s a very special time and I’m excited to imbibe in a little of their fun.










Untruths About Coconut Oil

Who put the kabash on coconut oil?

The many great uses of coconut oil and why movie popcorn was never again so tasty.

In 1994 movie theaters popped corn in coconut oil until the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture said it was too high in saturated fats and would lead to heart disease.

Soon after that, the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) jumped in and said that a tub of popcorn popped with this oil nearly is twice the recommended daily allowance.

The death blow came and banned the oil from use in movie theater popcorn.  My popcorn never has been as satisfying in taste.

But, now it is known that certain “good” saturated fats like those in coconut oil do provide nutrients that protect the brain and CSPI reversed its position.

It happened because we weren’t consuming much in the way of corn and soybeans, most of which are biotech products.  The anti-saturated fat campaign according to John Ross Crooks ,who has done the research, points out it wasn’t only the CSPI but the World Health Organization, the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, the USDA, and the FDA, all fighting against saturated fats.

Crooks states it was done for biotech interests.

Besides making popcorn taste better, this oil can:

l)  Be used to sooth body aches.

2)  Put a little in coffee to compliment the flavor.

3)  Cook with it.  It has a higher smoke point than other oils.

4)  Add a little baking soda to it for chemical-free tooth paste.

5)  It makes a fine hand cream.





A Writer’s Persistant Character

Why do I blog?

Dealing with Stormy presents frustrating dilemmas.

The house is quiet.  Finally, it’s the perfect time to write the last chapter of Cowboy Casanova.  Why the procrastination?

Time is always there for the writer.  It’s available in the little chunks between chores, obligations, trips, or even when sitting in the dentist chair.

Does ending the novel mean that I will be saying ‘goodbye’ to the characters, or, to living their lives.  They have been an interesting collection–the Cowboy himself, Alexis who won his affections, the owners of the Oliver Ranch, the Stitch ‘N Bitchers.  Perhaps, Stormy?

Stormy showed up earlier in the story and now insists upon being in the last chapter, too.  I hadn’t planned that she would be in the story at all.  Now, here she is accompanying the men to the trashed trailer to the hidden underground bus.

Dealing with her has been an interesting development.  The strength of her force demands she be included.  The insertion of a character not planned by me also took place in Lebensborn, my WWII fiction.  A little boy shows up in a little French village.  Little did I realize that he would play a significant role.

Now it’s over.  The story of a western cowboy comes to an end, as all stories must.  The wrap-up, or so it’s called in the production world, with all the events and character developments coming to a conclusion.

Characters have been written in a story and become like real people.  They do unexpected things and become other than we originally believe about them.

In a few hours, I’ll see what’s in store for The Cowboy and Stormy.  I can’t wait.  That’s part of the joy of being a writer.  We often don’t know any more than the reader what’s going to happen.  That’s if we’re good at what we do. But as Lincoln said, “You can please some of the people some of the time, part of the people part of the time, but none of the people, all of the time.”

The same goes for writing a blog.  I think.





The Intimidating Gift

Learning Salt Block Cooking/Freezing

This 500 million year old salt block is a gift   Now what do we do with it?

We learn how to use it.  Not blowing up the oven will be a big incentive. You can do that if you try to heat one of these up too fast.  However, the cookbook that came with it says when it breaks there are numerous ways to use the pieces.

It suppose to put a layer of salt taste and texture to whatever you cook on it.  It looks lovely, this 8X8X2 inch block from Himalaya.   There’s a UTube video that shows how to cook a small flank steak, two pieces of salmon, asparagus and broccoli.

When faced with the prospect of using it the first time, I remember how Alice and I made candles the first time.  We found that we should do it OUT SIDE because it’s a dangerous thing to do.  Using the salt block for the first time sorta has that same kind of a feeling.

The people on UTUBE said the golden rule to heat one of these is 10 minutes on low, another 10 on medium and the final stage, the last 10 minutes.  Another recipe says, no, that it should be 20 minutes for each stage.  This is becoming way too complicated.

It’s ready at 500 degrees or more.  If you don’t trust holding your hand over the heating block two to three inches above, there is infrared thermometer that will read it.

I’d like to dazzle the couple who gave us the gift.  So, they can be our first guests.  It may be easier to freeze the block over night and use it to serve some nice summer fruit and veggies along with cocktails.  Maybe save the cooking for the good ol’ reliable cast iron skillet.





Long Economic Winter Ahead


What we might see coming becomes more relevant after global response to Britain’s exit from the EU.

I want you to know about a book I just finished.  The name of the book is “The Demographic Cliff. . .How to Survive and Prosper During the Great Deflation Ahead.”

Harry Dent, the author, says these are some of the things we can expect in the coming months:

.  Unemployment to increase because the work pool continues to shrink.  Companies will lean more towards employing people with experience.

.  Housing prices may fall again by as much as 40% over the next several years as mortgage rates are likely to rise.

.  High private debt, an estimated $140,000 for every one in the U.S., falling incomes and no equity left in their homes, expect more personal bankruptcies and property foreclosures  Federal deficit ballooning high as $1.5 to @2 trillion..

.  Continued demographic decline.  State and municipal governments forced into default, Detroit only the first.

.  Crisis in Europe worse.  Britain and Greece.  Spanish real estate bubble bursting again as more and more European Union member countries slip over the demographic cliff, especially Germany.

The book delves into how our economy peaks every 40 years on generational cycles, almost like clockwork.  His research suggests what is about to happen in the markets and forward is practically preordained.

Baby Boomers, the biggest generational tsunami, descended on the workforce between l957 and l978, setting in motion a series of economic events like massive inflation.  They’ve had known spending cycles impacting everything from music to potato chips to cars and homes.  And, then, now they’re slowing down selling and downsizing.  Their massive spending cycles peak at age 46 on the average after their purchase of homes took place between their ages of 27 to 41 and their spending on cars peaks at age 53.  Now they are retiring, perhaps traveling or buying an RV.

The Baby Boomers are starting fewer business and paying far less taxes.  In short, according to Dent, they stop spending on things that drive economic growth: housing, cars, furniture and boats.

Combine this demographic-economic reality with everything else happening – the debt levels, currency volatility, shifting economic and political power bases, and the fact that we’re on the tail end of one of the greatest technological eras since the industrial revolution – it paints a troubling picture until about 2022.

Every 500 years a ‘mega’ innovation like the printing press or the computer forever changes the way we live and leads to decades and centuries of prosperity.

If you want to borrow my book, let me know.