Unique Trees

Desert palm tree

Close to the Salton Sea in the desert was a most interesting palm tree.  On a recent journey to the southern most part of California, it caught my attention.  Is it two palms joined together?  CA desert tree bark

In the same area there were several trees that had eye-popping bark.  I wondered how home designers might use it’s unusual characteristics.

Oregon Black Cottonwood

Here’s a black cottonwood tree in an Oregon State Park.  In Eastern Washington there are white cottonwoods.  Nearby this big fellow, there is one of the largest of this species.

Colville Tree in Park

This shapely tree just begs for a tree house in a Colville baseball park.

Tree will not move for you

A sign in a California mission church yard is peculiar.  Where is the tree behind you? Was the wall built AFTER too many cars had run into it?

(This concludes my little tree blog.  Hope you liked seeing them.)


Food for the World



I travel.  I write.  I wonder.  Often a place I pass has a story to tell.  This little house tucked in a gully in Eastern Washington State seemed to say,”Pick me.  Pick me.  Tell my story.”

This area is hugely male oriented.  I once spent a weekend in these rolling hills at a huge wheat ranch with a charming family.  I watched the wife stand at her kitchen window looking out.

“There goes my new kitchen,” she moaned as a huge plow drove by in the distance.  When we went with them to church, the man said to my husband, “We men go to Mens’ Sunday School,” and drug him off.

The men (and undoubtedly a few women) and their high-tech machines produce food for the world.  Huge silos stand proud along rail lines throughout the Palouse.

Anyone driving passing by these vast fields must ponder the difficulty many fields present with their steep gullies.  I’ll continue to think about the folks who once lived in that little house pictured above.


How about spending hours driving these lovely vehicles!



California Traffic

california traffic

Long ago, Frank Lloyd Wright, a famous U.S. architect, said, “The U.S. is tilted.  Anything that’s not fastened down slides into Southern California.” (Thanks Photopin for this truly explanatory picture of traffic on California freeways.)

He’s right.  Millions are and more people are going there to live.  We saw high-rises and new homes being built from Sacramento to San Diego.  Californians feel they must be aggressive to drive their freeways.  Often we were caught off guard and were driving in the wrong lane due to inadequate signage.

But, there is still beauty here in the vast farmlands and vineyards among the rolling hills.  There’s also a magnificent ocean.  However, Californians fear the drought they are now in and worry that their average $200 monthly water bills will increase.

Steve, a lawyer in Sacramento, muttered, “Because of the dense traffic, when I have a court appearance in San Francisco, I leave home at 3 a.m. and get there in three hours.  If I left at 6 a.m., it would take up to six hours.”

Marya, who lives in Santa Clara near Oakland, told me, “I hate the traffic.  I must almost tail-gate the car in front of me.  If I don’t and leave a little gap for other cars to move in, that creates a wave of stopped traffic miles behind.”

Often, the lines of vehicles waiting to enter a freeway were long.  Most freeway entrances are monitored and allow one or two cars at a time.

Jane in Sacramento moaned, “This area was once so nice.  Now the population has mushroomed.  Fifty thousand new homes are being built nearby.  How will these new people have water or enough freeways when we don’t have enough now?”

A park ranger in Lampoc talked about traffic in Los Angeles which has the largest populated area in the world with no public transportation.  “It’s the worst traffic.  It used to be easier if you drove between 5 a.m. and l0 a.m. and 5 p.m. and l0 p.m.  But, not now.  It’s all the same condition.”

Throughout Southern California, RV camp sites even in the winter season must be reserved days or months before on-line. Even in Death Valley.  However, we did find parking places might still be available if we were lucky in the larger parks like Lake Cushuma with over 300 sites.  Camping was not possible at Wal Mart, Costcos or at restaurants.  We didn’t attempt to find a spot in industrial park areas.

Parking lots were completely full in most malls.  They were always at capacity near a fitness center.

One California grandmother is sad because her Arizona grandchildren tell her that they’d like to live in California.  “My kids wanted a happy and fulfilling life with attainable goals.  But, if they choose to work in California with its high house mortgages, they would have had no money left to play and enjoy life.”

Business owners have bigger problems than traffic more concerning, especially those are raising crops.  How can they find farm help when the federal government has laws in conflict with those of California for using illegals?  Suggested the talk show host, “You could always move your business to Texas.”





Asylum Seekers


Hundreds of Central American refugees are reported at the U.S. Mexican border demanding entrance.

According to American Uncensored, they are sponsored by groups supported by the funding of the billionaire George Soros, a U.S. citizen of Hungarian heritage.

Their group is called Pueblo sin Fronteras.  It is supported by the coalition CARA Family Detention Pro Bono Project, which includes the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, the American Immigration Council, the Refugee and Immigration Center for Education and Legal Services and the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

In September  of 2016, Soros pledged an investment of $500 million in programs and companies to benefit migrants and refugees because he advocates an open-border policy.

Last fall, according to the Wall Street Journal, he transferred $18 billion to the Open Society Foundations, a network of non-profits which advances Soros no-border ideas in the U.S. and around the world.

Soros foundation also provided money to anti-resistance groups in the U.S.  He also help fund politicians who refuse to support border security initiatives.

There are two sides to the issue of illegals in the U.S. : those who are here, but need to be here legally, and those who are fleeing from oppressive governments.

Underlying both situations, the problem could be more easily solved IF the folks running for office did not accept Soros money, and, those seeking re-election didn’t either.

Oregon’s Democratic governor Kate Brown accepted a contribution to her  re-election campaign from Soros – his first direct involvement in that state’s election.  Three days later, she announced that the Oregon national Guard would not send the National Guard to help with U.S. border security as other states are doing.

Casanova’s Thoughts About Women

Moon Watching (2015_09_07 13_58_56 UTC)

Lance was driving to see a friend along the Rusty Springs Valley. The crescent moon in the dark sky had him imagining the contours of some of the women friends he’d left behind.

Among them, Darlene’s tush would have to take first prize for size and volume.  He’d been drafted and flown off to Vietnam the week after they met in Vegas.  When he came back to see her again, Darlene told him Mike suited her better and he never saw her backside again.

When he told Alice they fit so well together they should make it a habit, he gave her a ring he fashioned out of fishing lure and she believed he was proposing.  She talked him into a backyard-barbecue engagement ceremony.  that lasted two years.  Umm, he thought, driving along, hers had the most dimples. He particularly liked the way Alice could flash those little gems in and out.  Yes, quite a specialty.

Bette had been a guest at a Montana guest ranch where he was a wrangler.  A gal with tiny tits and behind, she’d chased him around with her barnyard lusts until she got him corralled in the city for a month.  She could see that he would never adjust to city life, and he was soon on his way to Clair in Winnemucca–another man’s wife.  She was the most perfect in body parts but not the right choice either.

Ah, remembering women.  He hadn’t cataloged the many others he’d known, or those he hoped to meet.

Somehow, no matter where he was, or, how remote the area, they would find him.

The big mystery: who would that special person be this time? Follow his adventures in Casanova Cowboy.



Stories Relating to Life

Casanova front cover (2)

I was excited.  It was the day my latest western fiction came into the world during a conversation on air with Cyrus Webb, the penultimate book reviewer who was doing interviews in Los Angles not his home town in Louisana.

“It’s been over  seven years since we talked,” he said beginning the interview.  “What are some of the amazing things that have happened to you during the journey of writing this book?”

With Cyrus listening as intently as would the Casanova Cowboy, I mentioned that once again a character came forward so strongly that I had to make her one of the main characters.

“That also happened in Lebensborn,” I said.  “Remember, I told you seven years ago about the little boy who had just appeared at of no where in the beginning of this WWII story, and who became the main protagonist to explain the lives of all the major characters?”

Cyrus is also like many reviewers of Casanova Cowboy have told me.  He felt I could truly put into words the beauty as well as the challenges of living in the country.  “But, the places you write about could be anywhere,” he said.  “The situations could happen to anyone. Readers like to bring about discussions among themselves in order to understand more fully their own lives.”

“Of course,” I said, “The most interesting thing we like to discuss is our selves.  And, we feel the most alive during two times in our lives.  These times are when we are children or when we are in love.  And, that’s the beauty of the Casanova.  He listens in a way that his eyes let a person know that he’s present, intent, encouraging.   It’s almost as good as being in love.”

Somewhere in the interview, I mentioned that my favorite author Nelson DeMille could give me unexpected treasured moments: I’m reading along and suddenly I’m either laughing or cringing in fear.

“That’s interesting, you should mention him,” said Cyrus.  “I interviewed him last year when I was in Los Angles and we talked about his new book.”

“Oh, please tell me how I can hear that interview,” I gasped. Cyrus said he’d link up my site to his via my Facebook.com/BenderAssoc.  so I can listen.  Now that my computer has just come out of repair, I’ll be able to do it.

So please dear readers, please continue to follow my writing journey on my weekly blog.  Like Nelson, although I’m Swedish, I attempt my best to give you a laugh or two.  You see, when visiting Sweden, I was told by a newspaper publisher, “We love to laugh but we’re not very good at it, so we have to hire comedy writers.”

Maybe the Polish half of my genes can give me that ability.








“Living in the Rusty Springs Valley


Spring Cleaning with UTube

Spring Cleaning

I needed a new vacuum cleaner.   Spring was in the air and I wanted to start purging and cleaning.  Seeking a new vacuum, I went to UTube for inspiration and review of vacuums.

My recent experience going to UTube for information turned out great.  That was when I had to cook rice for 50 people. From a guy wearing a white turban I learned to first wash the rice three times before adding it to water and then baking it in an oven for an hour.  The formula for the amount of water needed for the rice came from another chef.  It turned out delicious.  The left-overs went and came out of the freezer perfectly.

On UTube I compared vacuums and ended up buying one of the many versions sold by the Shark company.  I knew I didn’t want a robot due to the true story of one of my neighbors who liked to brag about theirs until the vacuum ran over a pile of leavings from their cat.  The clean up of that cat mess took hours.

But, the best thing that happened was to run across a UTube photo of a lovely woman who lives economically in her car.  In her enthusiastic video of how she showers and gets exercise at a fitness center and how much money she saves by not paying rent, I became hooked and learned much more about how to live in a vehicle from the comments of others around the world.

People wanted to know where she parked and suggested places like industrial centers, worried about how she keeps warm in the winter, about her toilet options (truck stops offer the largest and most comprehensive showers).

In between a handful of good suggestions for her were these:

  1. come live with me
  2. I’m retired and have acreage
  3. I’d like to live with you
  4. move in with me
  5. you’re too beautiful to be living like this
  6. I’ll bet you’re not telling the truth

Comments were from people in the U.S., Finland, Australia, Alaska, a lot from Ohio.

Also, I learned that you can use the setting option under the UTube video if you want captions and therefore will be able to glean every word.  Some UTube instructors don’t enunciate very well.

Best of all, I laughed so hard at the comments generated by the- woman-in-the car video.  As for spring cleaning, the Tornado Shark has become my new best friend.

(A PhotoPin photo)