A Big Decision

In the first week of marriage there’s a huge decision each couple makes: on which side of the bed will I sleep?

It’s a life-long decision. It just seems to happen. But, in retrospect, when considering life’s decisions, it’s a big one. Once the decision is made, you won’t feel right sleeping on the side you haven’t choosen.

Steve Shaffer, a comedian on many a tv show, speaks about beds and decision making. “When I was a bachelor, I had one pillow on the bed. As soon as I married, there were thirty pillows on the bed.”

“You can’t use that one,” said his wife.

“Why not?”

“It’s a decorator pillow,” she said as she held the little thing and cradled it in her arms. “You can’t use this one.”

“What about this, then,” said Steve.

“No, you can’t. That’s a throw pillow.”

“Is this a bed for pillows?” he asked.

It certainly seemed to be in one of the most beautifully decorated homes in which I’ve been a guest. It actually seemed to be a house for pillows. The home was all-white. There was thick, luscious, soft white carpeting, white sofas and chairs, all heavily covered with decorator pillows.

The guest bedroom was white as well. The king bed had three layers of decorator pillows. A designer stuffed lion lay at the foot across a lush cashmere throw. Underneath it all. . . once the pillows were removed for easier sleeping. . . was a gorgeous white spread with beautifully embroidered, colorful, delicate flowers.


Guess that’s why decorator pillows have become fashion. They are memorable.

What will the next wave of decorating to hit beds across our nation be like? Digital images tweeting messages?


Author: lebensbornnovel

There at the base of a mountain, I live in a rustic cabin with my engineer/writer husband and loving cat, Alfie. I am a former journalist and pr consultant. In my blog I attempt to capture a sliver of WW history, the Lebensborn program to create a Master Race, and to add newsworthy tidbits which are 'somewhat' relevant to this subject.

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