Canadians Keen on Rotary Cook-Off

The Colville Rotary’s International Chili Cook-off looks like it’s going to be a great party Saturday afternoon Sept. 21 at the Colville Fairgrounds. Canadians have an instinct for what makes a great fun party and that’s what they seem to think!

As support for this huge international event, the Cook-Off already has a Canadian Platinum sponsor: American Teck, but may have more.

Two chili heads visited British Columbia yesterday and were like the salesman in Music Man selling his instruments as they visited three Rotary Clubs in British Columbia Friday in Trail, Fruitvale, Salmo and Nelson rustling up chefs and bike riders for the Blazing Saddles bike ride that starts at the Colville Fairgrounds and ends at the Cook-off.

Response was fantastic and they heard Canadians say, “Fantastic, Exciting, Beautiful, Thanks for asking.

Among the interesting people met was Jill M. Prince who has a stress-management web site that is one of the top Google site with thousands upon thousands of hits per month. She is a young mother who is a Rotarian, a commissioner (like a city council member), has just completed her MBA in wellness and has a four and a ten-year-year-old. The district RCMP (that’s Royal Mounted Police) Rotarian asked the address of her website:

Lamiah Arnold who owns two restaurants, one called Eagles Nest at Champion Lakes Golf Course, and the other in Salmo called the Dragon Fly.  “What an impressive young lady,” said one of the Chili Heads. She also makes 5,000 panili meat sandwiches for the week’s music event in August in Salmo.

Canadians are also take time to be of help without being asked. Bill Woikin and his wife were on their way to make arrangements for their son’s funeral the next day, but stopped to give directions as the chili heads were walking along a Nelson street. He has a country music Sunday late afternoon program and said, “Call me a week from Sunday and I’ll put on a record for you and let you spin your event.”

A Canadian suggested the Cook-Off have a Facebook Page, so
will start one there soon with photos.

Two sites now for the Chili Cook-off:
and the soon-to-be Facebook page: Colville Rotary International Cook-Off.

An exciting and hard-working time for the Colville Rotary whose members are also hosting a district conference in Colville June 6-7 ending with a pig roast and a barn dance for sixty Rotary Clubs in the U.S. and British Columbia.

Please know you’re welcome to attend the Cook-Off.
Or, be a chili maker. Request the rules and how-to at 509-732-8917.


Author: lebensbornnovel

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