Lazy? I’d tickle her.

Newcomers Show the Meaning of America


A fire-year-old remembers that her family sold everything they had to come as refugees to America sixteen years ago.

A Cambodian bride of eight years remembers that that she’ll never have to wash clothes by hand every day as she had to do since childhood. “It’s a dirty, dusty place. Eighty percent of the roads are unpaved and made of dirt and often lead to rivers with no bridges. As soon as I came, I was able to send a washing machine to my Mother.”

The American groom found his bride on the Sean Hannity date site. I put up two profiles and the real one was found by Aunt Polly who interviewed me by e-mail and phone. She could have been a CIA agent. Her questions looked for the true man I was. One example of the type of questions she asked was: ‘What would you do if your wife were lazy?’ I answered, “At first, I’d try swatting her behind. If that didn’t work, then I’d tickle her.”

Once his prospective bride agreed to the marriage, he went to Cambodia to be further grilled by relatives. “The uncles came from all over the world like Australia and the Phillipines.

“They really prepared for my visit by making room partitions, covering all floors and the walls with linoleum and by putting a room air-conditioner in “The American’s Room.”

If the Cambodian girl’s marriage is ever “broken up,” she says that her family will be shunned and so will she. She did find herself a “good husband” who has helped her live HER dream of working in a bank as a private banker.

The immense outpouring of love and support by the Ukarian community during the recent wedding of Chet, one of our grandsons, shows that American often can do the right thing.

It’s still is opening its arms to newcomers. They come with values we see that we have forgotten.

Now, the Ukarian family will have a solid family history and one they can talk freely about. “In Russia,” said the bride’s father, “We knew nothing of our past. None of the grandparents would speak of the past for fear of being considered nobility and being sent to prison.

“We did learn of one relative who left for American and left a will leaving the family money. The KGB called in the relatives and told them that if they accepted the money that they would go to prison. So, the government got the money.”

Author: lebensbornnovel

There at the base of a mountain, I live in a rustic cabin with my engineer/writer husband and loving cat, Alfie. I am a former journalist and pr consultant. In my blog I attempt to capture a sliver of WW history, the Lebensborn program to create a Master Race, and to add newsworthy tidbits which are 'somewhat' relevant to this subject.

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