True Story of a Man Cave

BeforeDeclutter Begins (1)

This is a true account of a Man Cave.

A woman hired a man to clean up her husband’s barn.  Through the twenty years of the man cave’s existence, the building happily filled with the man’s tools and equipment.

Her only possession in the barn was an upright freezer.  Clutter piled up over the years.  The space right beside the freezer now had spider webs over the sundry pieces of glass, the empty coffee cans, the noble tree branch with a gnarled growth at one end, and many unnamed other items.

The mess beside the freezer seemed to keep growing right along with all the other objects which had a home in the barn.  Defrosting the freezer became more and more of a challenge as free space became less and less in which to put items when the freezer needed cleaning.

Meanwhile, a chicken, the only chicken remaining after a bear and the raccoons had come, was free-ranging.  When it learned it could fly, it escaped the predators and was now out of its fenced area and it particularly liked to be in the barn where it would leave samples of its visits.

One day a man appeared who needed work.  He not only worked diligently but she noted with some satisfaction that he put thought behind whatever he did.   She asked the man, “Would you be willing to sweep this barn?  I can’t move the boxes or equipment in order to sweep it any more.”

The man replied, “I will be happy to do whatever is needed.”

Her husband, however, was not happy to hear the news.  “How will I find anything?  It’s easy now.  I know where everything is.”

It took the man seven hours to clean up the barn.Decluttered

She learned one day soon after exactly how her husband had truly felt about her invasion of his man cave.  She came home from town and found that someone had decluttered HER kitchen counters.  The kitchen, well, wow!, it now appeared twice its size.  “I couldn’t have done this on my own.”

Then, she went to find the missing items.  They were in two huge boxes in a closet and had to find better places than the kitchen counter for them.  This led her to say, “I haven’t found the water pitcher yet.  He either sent it to the landfill or hid it somewhere.”

No telling what things he will be missing.  The space inside the man cave has no more spider webs and her kitchen space has improved.  Today, there is even enough space in the barn for a barn dance.


Author: lebensbornnovel

There at the base of a mountain, I live in a rustic cabin with my engineer/writer husband and loving cat, Alfie. I am a former journalist and pr consultant. In my blog I attempt to capture a sliver of WW history, the Lebensborn program to create a Master Race, and to add newsworthy tidbits which are 'somewhat' relevant to this subject.

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