The Lifespan of My Lebensborn Novel

Lebensborn cover DRAFT 4 OCT 20 2015 (1)Lebensborn cover DRAFT 4 OCT 20 2015 (1)Cover for Lebensborn Audio Book

An author produces a book.  Many, especially book of fiction, are works that take years to write, rewrite and edit before being released.  Then, the daily marketing efforts begin.

As long as an author continues to breath marketing into the creation, the book stands a change of aging well.  But with all things, death comes.

My signature work, Lebensborn, was researched before the internet came into being.  I went to France when creating the first book.  During the writing of the second part of the book, I traveled to Germany to see and feel with my own eyes, authentic bits of the past.  Lebensborn did well for three years.  It received good press, interviews, radio interviews, a gold medal in fiction, plus a royalty grant for an audio book.

It went overseas.  To the book shelves of China and into the hands of e-book readers.

Two years ago a publisher who liked the book asked me to join his team.  “I love your book.  Wouldn’t change a word in it.  I feel it never received the exposure that it should have.”

I liked his enthusiasm and changed publishers.  This took the book out of production.  Time passed before he phoned again to ask if I had any new work.  “Of course.  In my author’s trunk, there is Snowbirds,”  A cover artist was assigned.  Snowbirds arrived and is a fun ride.

A few weeks ago, an artist sent me a cover draft for Lebensborn and said it was based upon an historic poster for the Lebensborn program.  A healthy looking blond youth in a Hitler Youth uniform is shown over a strip of photos of Lebensborn babies and young women.Lebensborn cover DRAFT 4 OCT 20

2015 (1)

When I saw the cover, my heart sank.  I wrote the story because I was fascinated by the Nazi’s state of the art publicity and their other ways of promoting their plans: the speeches, night parades, architecture, uniforms, and wanted to show HOW this played a major role in seducing an entire nation (well, that and their fear tactics).  I envision a “fairy-tale” for the next cover because so many women of high status believed it enough to produce a baby for the Fuhrer.

Lebensborn, the book, remains adrift in the sea of historical fiction.  Before looking for a new cover artist who understand my vision, I’ve asked the publisher to ask a few experts to see if the book deserves another chance.

The jury is out.


Author: lebensbornnovel

There at the base of a mountain, I live in a rustic cabin with my engineer/writer husband and loving cat, Alfie. I am a former journalist and pr consultant. In my blog I attempt to capture a sliver of WW history, the Lebensborn program to create a Master Race, and to add newsworthy tidbits which are 'somewhat' relevant to this subject.

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