Little Tips for a Good Day

Why do I blog?
“I remember that Mother always said . . . “

Forgive those who hurt you.  Not only is it good for your heart, it sooths your soul

Avoid taking or wearing anything white in color when going camping.  Marshmallows are okay.

Dry your toes when you get out of the bath or shower.  If you don’t, it can lead to toe fungus.  Bending over to dry your toes also keeps you feeling young.  When you get old, then you’ll still be able to bend down to reach your toes. Physicians often can tell immediately the medical shape of a person by looking at their feet.

Spend less than you make at any age of life.  When you start investing, choose solid-dividend paying companies.  The early you start to save a little, the more it adds up.  It’s a mathematical progression.

Hugs are therapeutic.  If it’s a stern person, you might need to ask if it’s okay first..  Maybe not.  That where the fun of life comes into play.

Start the day right.  Or, maybe see that it’s done the night before.  Just remember that a clean sink is the key to having a good day.

If you are unsure about doing something, write down two lists: one that explains why this is good, the other why it might not be so.  Seeing the results, provides clarity.

Always kiss loved ones good night.

Mullein tea is good to  relieve  symptoms of cold or broccolis.

Traditions are more important than you realize.  Doing something over and over gets better every time it happens.  If someone says, “That was fun!” Respond: “Let’s set a date and do this again.”

Take risks.  Remember, not everyone can ice skate.  No person has the ability to DO everything.











Author: lebensbornnovel

There at the base of a mountain, I live in a rustic cabin with my engineer/writer husband and loving cat, Alfie. I am a former journalist and pr consultant. In my blog I attempt to capture a sliver of WW history, the Lebensborn program to create a Master Race, and to add newsworthy tidbits which are 'somewhat' relevant to this subject.

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