The Legacy

Joy is infectious.
If you lead a successful life, then you leave a legacy of helping others.

She breezes in like a breath of springtime.  Always upbeat when she arrives, she brings with her a “goodie” bag.

Most items in it are educational or a food delicacy of some sort, but on this memorable visit, one item in the bag of treats must have contained what will be her legacy.

A legacy is a gift, a bestowal, a hand-me-down of value.  Her present this time is one which will last a lifetime.

It’s also a lot of fun.

My friend who I’ve met years ago on a tennis court introduced her idea, saying, “My sister and her new boyfriend like this playing so much they start their day with Spite & Malice.”

During Sherrel Bradford Roshdy’s last visit to the ranch, she taught  us to play this game composed of two card decks and their jokers.  It is something like solitaire.  It’s more competitive though and each game has unique challenges.

“Don’t forget your play pile,” she’d encourage as we learned to play against her one-on-one.

We’ve joined the ranks of those like her sister who find a way to sneak in a game or two during the week.   You can find the easy to learn rules for the game on the Internet.  My husband often says after winning, “That’s how it is.  I must have been more spiteful.”  For the loser, those are fighting words and I’m raring to go again.