A Charismatic Cowboy

Casanova front cover (2)

You could see it in the way he did most anything.  His manner of even holding a chair in his hands before sliding into it could made it a mesmerizing sight to see.

If you lived in the Rusty Springs Valley, many women were, of course, fascinated by him.  The new cowboy had such a confident stride.   If his blue-gray eyes glanced at you, it was plain to see there was an uncanny interest in them for you.  An extremely effective gesture.  It’s a rare man who could do so, such a little thing, but, it could bring such remarkable feelings, such joy.

His lifestyle was fascinating, scary perhaps to a few, but one woman later said that he had been, “her hero.”

Award-winning Western artist, Debbie Hughbanks, corralled him one day at work and captured this image.

His story and the adventures he took part in during his time in the Rusty Springs Valley appears soon on Amazon and Kindle.  Perhaps it be read some day by Books in Motion, who will be  releasing the audio book Rusty Springs, the first in a series of how the Old Wild West lives on there in that Valley.

As one male reviewer says: “The people and places seem like the ones I know.  A “hot” cowboy, the women chasing him, a Vietnam Vet, the ranches of the West, all make it seem as if I am one of the characters.  Many can put themselves in the story as either one that lived some of that life, or one that fantasies about being there.”




It might have been the casual attitude that he wore a long-sleeved blue-denim shirt, the well-worn cowboy hat, or the broken-in boots.