Answers to 4 Questions

woman thinking

Would you like to speak and listen more deeply?  This PhotoPin gal seems to be right on task.  Perhaps she is pondering these questions:

l) Where was I inspired today by someone or something?  That’s easy: by reading Christopher Fulton’s  new book, “The Inheritance,” his story about being caught up in the JFK Assassination conspiracy.  It is not easy reading.  Like many a mystery. it wasn’t who I thought was behind the plotting and killing of the Kennedy brothers.

2) Where today was I surprised?  A few years ago, Bender & Associates presented soil compaction seminars across the nation and into Canada.  Today, I came across a huge photo album I’d put together documenting the many training courses.  The memories came flooding back.  I was so delighted and surprised to discover that I had taken the time and made the effort.  A photo album is so worth the while!

3) Today, where do I find myself being challenged and stretched to grow?  As soon as I finish writing this essay, I’ll be attempting to use a new and different newsletter template.  This is difficult because as I write paragraphs disappear, pages, too.  Where do they hide?  One needs detective skills for those answers.

4) Where today was I troubled or deeply moved by something that came into my life?  No answer to this question; however, the day has just begun.  Perhaps the answer will appear during a gathering of ladies at a luncheon given by Leesa at her “Party House” at Deep Lake.

Life is a mystery.  I am glad every day I have one to live.