A Fun Adventure

Red Cowboy Boots
I love cowboys. These red boots of mine are going to a special event this weekend in a pair just like the ones pictured above.

Cowboys of every variety gather at The Spirit of the West festival in a few days.  Music concerts, open mike, kids events, workshops during which they take part happen in the Kittitas Valley in the charming frontier town East of Seattle called  Ellensburg.

   Time: Feb. 17-19.  Place: Ellensburg Fairgrounds.

Winter weather is predicted but folks are bred tough here.  Cowboy Clint Goodwin, a local sheepshearer, seeing that FC (Bud) Budinger will be a featured speaker, wrote to him on Facebook.  “I’ll be shearing in the area and will be coming around to hear you.”

At ll:45 Friday, in Army uniform from the mid-l800’s, Bud portrays Artillery Corporal Hans Schuler.  He’ll be an old soldier fighting with Lt. Col. Steptoe in a contingent of l58 men marching north from Ft. Walla Walla on a peaceful mission under orders to protect Indian lands and to evict White squatters.

Suddenly they find themselves outnumbered, outgunned and surrounded by Indians on top of a little hill in Rosalia.  It’s night.  It’s a hot day.  They’re out of water and ammunition.  Water is available.  But, it’s below them where Indians are dancing around a blazing fire waiting to continue the fight the next morning.

On Saturday at ll:15, Bud returns to explain how Seattle defended itself in January l856.  The little berg is just beginning when hordes of Nisqually and Yakama warriors descend upon them.

Both Bud and his gal in red boots will be available during workshop afternoon sessions.  Here’s what we’ll be doing:

Of course, Bud can share even more information from his book: Courage Beyond Expectations and I’ll take Snowbirds and Rusty Springs, a contemporary Western novel.

Bud  is the Skipper in my book, Snowbirds, a memoir about travel in a cheap little rv.  We’ll both be happy to answer questions and give tips about how to take to the road in a recreational vehicle, an affordable way to seek adventure.

Ellensburg features so many restaurants that surely a few will merit my review as a Senior Advisor on Trip Advisor.  My eyes blaze with excitement as I remember the town and its many exotic historic homes in the college district.

Best of all – the town will be brimming with Cowboys galore!  I wrote a story about a special one.  It’s titled: Casanova Cowboy.  A fun read.  Not in print yet, but coming soon.

(Photo by Photo Pin)