Summer Fun

Person SweatingI once lived in Iowa.  The summers were so HOT that they begged a person to take at least eight showers to cool down.  The major redeeming factor was sweet corn so fresh it felt like it had just rolled down from the farm into the kettle.

Now on a summer day recently in Laughlin, NV., where temperatures can reach 128 degrees, I had hair so frazzled that it looked electrocuted, and two red eyes like fried eggs.

What was memorable  was not only the HEAT but an unadvertised special.  Fillet mignon steak and four-ounce lobster tail at the Hickory Pit at the Edgewater are served on Tuesdays between 4 and 6 p.m.  Fortunately, I learned of this special when another Laughlin casino I contacted also said it wouldn’t cost $39 per tail but only $22 with an “access” card or more commonly known as a Player’s Card.  We were THERE.  Everyone was ordering the steak and lobster meal.

At the River’s Lodge, on a behind the scenes tour with mutual friend, Kim McMillion, assistant to the chief engineer, we walked miles around most of their 35 acres.  Said Kim, “I supervise 24 guys so you might say that I’m the ‘Mom’ for our ongoing renovations.”

She pointed out art work of a Hollywood artist who makes concrete look like wood or great scenery like the real-life mine site with places for kids to pan for gold.  We marched between several the “Dotty” locations featuring free snacks, art work and their own bartenders who makes food items for these Asian, Mexican and Burgundy Street  locations.

We marched right past a cushy lounge area filled with large sofas and leather chairs.  You won’t find people just resting at other casinos, just the River Lodge.  The new café just opened was in a huge restaurant with table-clothed dining in front of huge windows overlooking a lovely view of the river.  Try Eggs Benedict.  It arrives on a huge platter.

Comps at the River Lodge are called ‘Rewards.”  I gave a copy of Rusty Springs, my contemporary novel, to Kim for forwarding to the ‘reward’ boss.  Maybe it will become a PRIZE for someone in the future.

\(Thanks Photo Pin for this drawing of someone who looked just like me after a few days going between casinos in Laughlin either walking or being shuttled around in the super fast water taxis.)