I View A Booming Economy

california trafficMy recent travels through Arizona, California and Oregon show an economy that’s sizzling.  There appear to be more jobs than people to fill them.  Hiring signs are seen everywhere  in fields, on trucks, as well as on buildings.

Highways and bridges are under construction.  More cars and vehicles than ever are on congested California and Denver streets and highways.  In San Jose, the new practice is for a business to buy a big bus to transport employees to a work place.  Said one local, “It takes at least 50 cars off a freeway.”

The truth is seen through my eyes as a former journalist.  It’s the best way to discern the truth instead of today’s sloppy media reporting.  Said one savvy space employee,  “I get my U.S. news in Australia where it is reliable.”

During my travels, the chance to discuss the truth of our economy easily takes place.  It is one freedom that is not lost among citizens who don’t repeat controversial threads  the media continues to throw out.

Although my joy of seeing a prospering economy is apparent, I also see homeless carts tied to street lamps and remains of what was once a tent city.

Most evident is the rise of recreational vehicles in 55 plus gated parks and vying for a place in a national park.

(This is my photo of a California freeway during the least traveled time of day:. . 1 p.m.)