God at the Box Office

Movie Wizard of Oz

The film “Passengers” was reviewed in a novel way when Pastor Andy showed clips during services at the Church of the Nazarene in Colville, WA.

The plot is about a group of people leaving on a space trip.  They are shown encased in glass-topped boxes on a trip that is to take one hundred years.  Thirty years into the voyage, a man awakens to find that he’s the only one among the passengers or crew who is.

At this point, the audience feels his loneliness.  At the first week’s service,  details of how many people today are facing this emotion in America were given.  The next Sunday when I attended, the clips he showed were about how the man finds a way to awaken a woman he finds attractive.

The discussion is about selfishness.  Because when the woman discovers that he has purposefully brought her alive, she becomes angry and he somehow is out of the space craft and having trouble getting back.

People who take unique approaches to showing daily life lessons are to be applauded.  The folks over at the Nazarene church also had other great ideas for how to live.  Between Sunday School and Church Service, on this hot summer day, they offered root beer floats instead of coffee.  Trays of ice-cream filled mugs were a refreshing sight to see and to experience.

Thank you, Pastor Andy.  Your reviews of film are a fine way to show spiritual insights.  I’m sorry to have to miss your clips of “The Lion,” a video of how a five-year-old boy finds himself lost in a big city in India.  We found this movie an exceptional one with its intriguing plot, the charming little boy actor.  Sorry to have missed your thoughts about its spiritual lessons.