Outdoor Herb to the Rescue

Comfry Herb

If anyone asks you what animal bite is the most vicious or potent, you can tell them it’s that from a domestic cat.

In this rural area, the nearest clinic for help is only open Monday thru Wednesday.   A bachelor mountain man was bitten on a Thursday.  He was petting a couple of cats cozy on his lap when his youngest male rushed to his side.  He bent down to pet it, not knowing it was being chased by his oldest Tom cat.  It sunk its teeth into his hand which immediately began to swell.

Fortunately, a herbal savvy friend came by.  The victim rushed to dig up a big Comfrey root like the leaves shown above.  She ground up the root in her little coffee grinder, made a paste of it with caster oil, wrapped a damp cloth around it and protected it all with Saran wrap.

“It wasn’t the cat’s fault,” said the sturdy outdoor man.  “I had one other terrible infection that I thought was painful.  One of my teeth got what I thought was a minor infection.  But, it lead to lock jaw.  This cat bite is worse.”

When the clinic opened Monday, they gave him the special antibiotic they have on hand just for cat bites or scratches called Amoxicillin Clavulanate.   The herbal poultice was removed for the trip to the clinic.  The swelling which had been going down, immediately started to increase again.  A test that the herb is good  for healing.

“I take it off a few times a day or I could end up with the skin of an elephant.”

He and the cat remain friends.

(Photo courtesy Photo Pin)