Stories Relating to Life

Casanova front cover (2)

I was excited.  It was the day my latest western fiction came into the world during a conversation on air with Cyrus Webb, the penultimate book reviewer who was doing interviews in Los Angles not his home town in Louisana.

“It’s been over  seven years since we talked,” he said beginning the interview.  “What are some of the amazing things that have happened to you during the journey of writing this book?”

With Cyrus listening as intently as would the Casanova Cowboy, I mentioned that once again a character came forward so strongly that I had to make her one of the main characters.

“That also happened in Lebensborn,” I said.  “Remember, I told you seven years ago about the little boy who had just appeared at of no where in the beginning of this WWII story, and who became the main protagonist to explain the lives of all the major characters?”

Cyrus is also like many reviewers of Casanova Cowboy have told me.  He felt I could truly put into words the beauty as well as the challenges of living in the country.  “But, the places you write about could be anywhere,” he said.  “The situations could happen to anyone. Readers like to bring about discussions among themselves in order to understand more fully their own lives.”

“Of course,” I said, “The most interesting thing we like to discuss is our selves.  And, we feel the most alive during two times in our lives.  These times are when we are children or when we are in love.  And, that’s the beauty of the Casanova.  He listens in a way that his eyes let a person know that he’s present, intent, encouraging.   It’s almost as good as being in love.”

Somewhere in the interview, I mentioned that my favorite author Nelson DeMille could give me unexpected treasured moments: I’m reading along and suddenly I’m either laughing or cringing in fear.

“That’s interesting, you should mention him,” said Cyrus.  “I interviewed him last year when I was in Los Angles and we talked about his new book.”

“Oh, please tell me how I can hear that interview,” I gasped. Cyrus said he’d link up my site to his via my  so I can listen.  Now that my computer has just come out of repair, I’ll be able to do it.

So please dear readers, please continue to follow my writing journey on my weekly blog.  Like Nelson, although I’m Swedish, I attempt my best to give you a laugh or two.  You see, when visiting Sweden, I was told by a newspaper publisher, “We love to laugh but we’re not very good at it, so we have to hire comedy writers.”

Maybe the Polish half of my genes can give me that ability.








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