Conquering a Challenge

When coming face to face with a tough project, do you follow through to the finish despite the fierce obstacles?  The frustrations have been so fierce that you’ve yelled, “I can’t do this!”

But, notice.  If you followed through and didn’t give up, success was just on the other side , a hair’s breath away.  You faced the tipping point.

I witnessed an example of this principle when watching a mountain man battle nature.  The event was removal of the stump of a cedar tree over 120 years old, it’s root ball over eight ton, one of the largest in volume in his memory.

After the man dug around the stump with a back hoe, he jumped in the hole he’d made and stood beside it.  The stump reached over his head several feet.  He climbed out.  Went to his bull dozer.

Other stumps behaved better and went along with his plan to drag them to a pit.   This stump tested his tipping point.  He chained it up to his bull dozer.  The stump refused to move.  In fact, it was tough enough to lift his bull dozer off the ground.

Now came the tipping point.  He yelled, “It won’t move!”  He clambered down, brought over the back hoe and began hacking away at the stump.  Dirt rained down between the roots.  He tried pulling with the dozer again.  The battle went on . . . and on.  More than two hours.

He didn’t give up.  He finally calmed down, went back to the task with a calmer attitude.  Now he was victorious.  The huge stump was not destined to live in the same place it was planted.  He carried it off in his back hoe.  Smiling.