Men Have One Weakness


Thousands of years ago, power was mainly won by physical violence and maintained with brute strength.

A king or emperor had to be merciless and most men followed the king’s example. What was a woman to do?  Under the way the world worked, she had no weapon that would make a man do what she wanted.

However, she learned that if she could lure a man away from war, politics or the other things he might be interested in doing, and that IF she could get him to spend time in her feminine world, she could entice him with pleasure.

King David, Julius Caesar, Mark Anthony all became slaves of clever women like Bathsheba, Helen of Troy, Cleopatra. They dazzled with their appearances and teased a man’s imagination.

A woman worked on his mind by keeping him wanting more of her elevated moods, her playful emotions.  She planned and created enchantment.  She got inside their world, saw it with their eyes, learned what made them think.

She knew that men are vulnerable to visual –  and women to words.  Women have the power to draw people to us with our character- and the ability to stir the emotions.

Chiefly, that men always had one weakness – sex.

So, with this premise, I wrote Casanova Cowboy not only to tell a story but to show what each woman needed from him and what he in turn wanted from her.  As the author, it was  fascinating way to study the power of seduction in action.

Happy Valentine Day.  Do you have the same confidence as Josephine or Cleopatra or the Casanova Cowboy?