Energy to De-Clutter


I’m been a winter visitor.  I’ve come home just as spring  peeks around the corner.  Just like Rip Van Winkle awakening,  I can now see my home with new eyes.

What a jolt.  To go traveling, I’ve left behind stark reminders of things that need to be cleaned, pruned or removed: books, videos, clothes, canning jars, freezer food.

This journey, along with its new sights and experiences, has some how given me the pent-up energy to take action . . . to actually implement and do positive things to improve those sad conditions.

Time has been a different friend.  On this varied, long trip, like a gentle companion, it’s shown the good effects a slower pace of life can bring.  Others may choose to sit on a beach, hike in the wild, or take a long cruise to experience this same value of time.

The earth is slowing awakening.  It’ll soon be time to be outside raking and gardening.  Meanwhile, there’s no time to waste.  Today’s indoor task: tackle pruning books and videos, a sad, almost unbearable thing for a writer to do.