Lebensborn News

Memorial Day Weekend 

Meet me as a participating artist at the Ritzville Western Art Show

Showcasing Rusty Springs & Story Cookbook

May 24-26  2013  Indoors & Outdoors  

Entertainment/Dutch Oven Demos

UPDATE a year later. . . Feb. 2013

Legislatures of both North Carolina and West Virginia are again re-consider

payment for victims.

Ten billion dollars is in the works to pay North Carolina’s victims of racial science. Governor Perdue has finally achieved a bit of money, fifty thousand, to compensate the victims in her state who have been documented.

Two years ago I first learned of this program for victim compensation, I talked to the Governor’s office and learned that the Governor wanted to help these people but that no money had been allocated.
In these days of tough finances for states, this is a major battle and shows that eugenics do have end results: i.e. Obama Care.
Another racial science program, of course, is the Lebensborn program of Himmlers. Google alerts me when another Lebensborn child is in a courtroom to tell their story of being taunted, shunned or
physically abused.
Soon I’ll be talking about racial science with Johnny Tan on his Dallas talk FMMK station.
My next post will be a debate with myself. Should my Lebensborn posts should be weekly?


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