Illegal Immigrants

Revolving Door Slogan

As many as 400 regions, townships, countries and cities in every region of the U.S., including the majority of cities, have taken unlawful steps to offer illegals some form of sanctuary; help them obstruct federal immigration law and policy; and to even use tax dollars to encourage and offer legal aid to illegal immigrants.

This is a huge issue and one everyone should discussing now at all levels and all walks of life.

The facts about illegals and the efforts to aid and shield them from the law are not in dispute any more than are the consequences.  In the U.S., however, there is disagreement between those who believe there should be borders and border controls, and those who believe there should be no borders and no controls.

According to Judicial Watch, a non-profit non-partisan foundation, the practice of flaunting the law and worse that the government, politicians and officials who support such activity is deeply corrosive to America because it undermines the rule of equality under the law and the foundation of our system.

It encourages foreigners to ignore our laws and statues that define us as a nation; and these illegals usurp the legitimate way of applying for permission to enter our nation legally.

Worst of all, it rewards criminality.  Thus, encouraging the legal, the moral and judicial breakdown of the rule of law in the U.S.  At various times, 250,000 illegals were serving murder sentences nationwide.  In Los Angles, for example, 95% of the outstanding warrants for homicide are for illegal aliens.

This is going to be a growing issue in the U.S.  Reports are that in the near future the U.S. is going to require workers.  They won’t be available to fill the need, especially in the medical and housekeeping areas, due to the huge demographic surplus of our growing senior population.

A few people have realized this dilemma and are predicting that the federal government will be pressured by businesses to help recruit and qualify these necessary employees.  Around the world other nations are anticipated to be dealing with the same problem of lack of workers for which the U.S. will be competing.

We must lead the world, first to grasp all facets of the situation, and then do what’s legally right for all concerned.  Illegals now, citizens tomorrow.  However, another problem is that culturally Mexicans first loyalty has always been to Mexico.

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Lebensborn Child Helped in New Jersey by Veterans

Hitler & children
Hitler and his Lebensborn children – kidnapped or born in a Lebensborn Home before and during WWII.

The Lexora Leader, a New Jersey newspaper, recently reported the story of a man born in l938 or l939 in Poland who was stolen and sent to a Lebensborn Center to be Germanized, one of the 100,000 such children who were then given to German parents to raise.

Stanislaw (Stan) Rowski, 79, who recently was living a homeless-style life camping in the New Jersey woods or in and out of motels, was given the German name, Fritz Radke, and placed with an Austrian family.  He never knew his birth parents.

In l945, when the Allies were trying to relocate refugees at camps in Italy and Spain, at l8 years he was old enough to immigrate to the U.S.  He was drafted and served in the U.S. air force for l6 years in the Philippines and Thailand.  In the Philippines he met and married a Fillipino and had two children.  “She wasn’t interested in coming to the U.S.,” he says and they separated.

A Center City veterans center a few months ago reached out to help him.  They found him to be highly independent so it took them a year or more to get him to tell them his name and to show us his military I.D.

His health failing, he finally agreed to let the VMC veterans assist him move into permanent house and to locate his adult children living in California.  He says that they didn’t know he was living in the woods or that he was even alive.  He now visits the military base where he grocery shops and goes to the library.  The Lexora Newpaper article reports him as saying, “I’ve had a fascinating life, but too much change.”

According to the national American Red Cross, no chapter had ever been asked to help such a Lebensborn child locate their parents.  However, at my first Lebensborn Secrets book presentation, a man in his late sixties stood up.  “I was born in a Lebensborn Home and I have been trying without success to find my birth parents.”  Fortunately, today records of all the war victim tracing services have a combined computer base and may have been able to assist him.  The International Tracing Service, a German-based organization, for example, continues the work and issues a yearly publication about their efforts.

There in Bad Arleson, Germany,  at the Tracing Center, you can see such records as Schlinder’s List.  From time to time, I will be contacted, too.  A woman photographer in Australian asked me about seeking such children in her area.  I wonder to this day if the man who asked for my source information, finally was able to learn about his parents.

As an author, I may never know.  But, I was glad I could pass along what information I did have about the war victim agencies.   Since WWII, the stories of Lebensborn children which today are surfacing are ones who have had conflicted lives with little support or education.  Thankfully, Stan now has a family and friends and life worth living.

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Do Not Read This Week

Person Sweating

Why not?  A pit of emptiness appears in my stomach at the thought I might not have a book in my hand.  Does this mean that I am an addict?  A reading addict?

No, according to Julia Cameron, an author who teaches creativity workshops, this is just for one week and can be a way to jump start creativity.  She also recommends writing “Morning Pages,” every day without fail.  This is a process of writing by long hand and putting down anything I want or feeling and never showing it to anyone, even myself.

Yes, in the past, I have found journal writing an empowering way to tap into the higher power that connects us with the creative energies of the universe.

After many years recommending her book–The Artist’s Way, a Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity,”–I purchased the manual to unblock my next step.  Passion for a project is helpful.  Mine felt weak.  Until I read one of her “Rules for the Road,”  worth the purchase of the book, which said in week two – Recovering a Sense of Identity:

Remember that it is my job to do the work, not judge the work.

Now in week four, she says, “Do not listen to other people’s written works.”  What she means, and I can affirm this, was:  Listen to yourself this week.  So, I asked on the page, What should I consider doing next now that I have completed another novel?

Often you won’t like the answer.  There may be many reasons why is might not be practical or a thousand other things to stop your forward movement.

Last night, out of the blue, two answers came.  Both had promise.  I grew very excited.  I couldn’t wait to get started.

Today, I don’t like either one.   Perhaps those ideas will float around as I’m taking apart the Shark vacuum.  While I am cleaning all its parts, they’ll surface like birds with wings of hope.

I won’t be reading, not even the ones on a box of cereal.

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Educating Americans

woman thinking

When I was the managing editor of the Missouri weekly newspaper, The Florissant Reporter, one of my editorial on a local issue appeared on several bulletin boards.

It called attention to an interaction between a government agency and the people it was serving.  This blog today is a brief description of a not-for-profit conservative, non-partisan education foundation that promotes transparency, accountability and integrity in government politics and the law.

It advocates high standards of ethics and morality in our nation’s public life and seeks to ensure that the political and judicial officials do not abuse the powers entrusted to them by the American people.

It fulfills its educational mission through litigation, investigations, and public outreach.  It has an outstanding record of confronting corruption, deceit and secrecy.  It’s motto: No One Is Above the Law.

Important key cases being investigated, 2017 to present: Deep State efforts to destroy the presidency through unlawful spying and intelligence leaking.  Prior to this administration, none in history has ever faced such unlawfully destructive conspiracy between government employees, elements of the media and opposition politicians to derail its policies and terminate its time in office.  It has filed 12 separate lawsuits versus the State Department, the Justice Department, and several intelligence agencies.

2012-present: its full-scale investigation and federal court lawsuits broke open the Clinton secret and email scandal.

2014 to present: IRS targeting the harassing of conservative non-profits with the threat of criminal charges.

2016-present, Election Integrity Project which showed the failure of the previous administration to enforce federal election laws which required them to sue states that fail to clean up their voter rolls between elections.  It currently is successfully warning and filing lawsuits against state officials in a number of states for failing to keep theirs clean.

The list of the victories of Judicial Watch include the revealing that 36,000 criminal aliens in 2013 who were convicted of violent crimes yet were released from detention while awaiting deportation preceding; they were in courts when the U.S. Supreme Court upheld key parts of Arizona’s tough immigration law.

Currently it is investigating and exposing and litigating against any and all protections of illegal and unlawful immigrants.  This is a huge issue and requires another blog to list the facts and consequences of what is being investigated today.

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A Way to Enjoy the Cold Weather


When roads look like this, there’s a lovely way to enjoy the extreme chill temperature outside.

Just sit by the blazing fire with a mug in your hand made with the recipe that follows.  Unfortunately, it’s only included in the first, out of print, series of the three cookbooks from the Lazy Bee.

However, if you want to first put on cross-country skis to take a brisk trip down a similar country road, the vision of this tasty beverage will make your day flow even better. You can have containers sitting around in your freezer just waiting for the weather to turn cold so you can put of couple of spoonfuls in a glass, add some rum and top with boiling water.

It’s easy, just like 98 percent of all the recipes in my little cookbooks:

Place the following ingredients in a big bowl and beat with a mixer:

1 pound butter, 1 pound powdered sugar, 1 pound brown sugar, 1 quart vanilla ice cream, 2 tsp. cinnamon, 1 tsp. nutmeg.

Enjoy immediately or empty into small freezer containers.  When ready to serve, add a heaping spoonful or two in a mug, add a little rum, and pour enough boiling water to fill.

Happy holidays and best wishes from the Lazy Bee.








Test Driving a Bed Pillow



Little dog pillow photo

(Thanks Photo Pin and Alissam for this darling example of someone who has found the perfect bed pillow.)

In Satellite Beach, Florida, folks consider themselves lucky to have a Wal-Mart store. Shopping in that area is quite limited.

If they need something, that’s where they can go, and that’s just where my son took me when I said, “I’d like to upgrade the bed pillows in your guest room.”

So, there we were in the pillow aisle, a long, tall area, stuffed with what seemed hundreds of pillows.  The place looked like it had a bunch of white chickens, neatly arranged row upon row.

Tony stood, arms at his hips, his eyes searching.  “Mom, how do you know which one is best?”

“What do you like in a pillow under your head?  Do you want something firm or soft, bulky or thin?  Maybe just pick one of these and go with it.”

He did just that.  He plucked one out of the cage, took off the plastic wrap, threw it onto the floor.  He lay down upon the floor and wiggled around and placed his head on it.  I followed suit.  We lay there in the aisle at Wal-Mart having a nice little chat test driving pillows on the floor.

Into the aisle came a couple.  They looked startled by what they saw.

“Sorry,” said Tony,who sat up.  “We’ve got this aisle reserved for the next half hour.”

Upon returning to Washington State, I went to the Wal-Mart pillow aisle in Colville, only to discover that the perfect pillow I’d found in Florida, the  one with a bamboo covering, wasn’t available.  Okay, there was one,, but it was king size and in the big collective bin of left-over pillows.

Thus, the perfect pillow search goes on.  Will it ever end?  Will I ever be as content with it as the little guy is with his in the picture shown above.

Smile.  It’s the holidays.  I hope you love your pillow.

Space Ship Crash in U.S.

Looks like a space ship landed here.  No.  One didn’t, but, one undoubtedly did in Roswell, New Mexico.

Roswell, N.M.;  Did a space ship crash near here in l947?  Debris found following a terrific thunderstorm, that was almost impossible to bend or break, leads me to wonder if the material might be the same as the recently discovered eME.

eME may be another piece in the puzzle of what really happened in Roswell?  Was the event real or not?  eME is a derivative of copper.  It is stronger than steel or lithium, so durable that an electric car made of it would have a battery that could go cross-country with no recharge.

I toured the Alien Museum years ago when it was located in an old theater.  It’s still open.   When I saw the exhibits of deathbed statements of several participants, they were shown on carbon copies of the originals.   After the ship crashed in a farm field, two men on horseback checking stock found debris, picked some of it up to study and a few days told the local radio station and newspaper.

Two days after the news was out, the U.S. government issued a press release saying it was a weather balloon, but years later admitted the cover-up.  These are facts: the local mortician was asked to provide two child-sized coffins; the rancher who made the discovery suddenly had money enough to move to a larger ranch in Texas;  a U.S. scientist revealed that he was asked to create a space ship (his designs were shown at the museum along with a video of the secret government underground lab); the Army nurse, who said she had been present at the autopsies, disappeared.

What makes something fact or fiction?    The debate lives on with the Roswell crash having six versions.  UFO sightings were frequent in the late l940-50’s.  They have disappeared from media or interest just like the UFO’s.  However, eME may bring the Roswell story back to life.  The material, brought back by the processing of copper into a thin metal, once too expensive to commercially produce, may become viable.

The attributes of eME to toughen dams, bridges, cars, planes, batteries, smart phones. is touted as something bigger than the Internet.  Ottowa Creek somewhere in Canada has a mining company with permits to begin mining 119 acres of material in 2018.